Massage Islington


Each massage is tailored to your needs and you will have the opportunity to consult your therapist before your treatment (if you are new we recommend adding an extra 10min consultation – totally free – which you can do online). 

If you just need to unwind and relax try a Swedish massage or an aromatherapy massage. If you have muscle pains & aches go for a deep tissue massage, while a lymphatic drainage massage works with light pressure to increase the flow of lymph and reduce toxins in the body. For mums-to-be, a pregnancy massage is a perfect solution to the stress and discomfort of pregnancy.

  • 30 minutes £55

  • 45 minutes £70

  • 1 Hour £85

  • 1 Hour 15 minutes £95

  • Lymphatic Drainage Massage (Full Body)​

    The accumulation of lymph can cause swelling, congestion and pain. We use gentle and precise strokes to encourage the flow of lymph​

  • Deep Tissue Massage (Full Body)​

    During a deep tissue massage, a firmer pressure is used and more specific attention is paid to muscle knots or trigger points​

  • 60 minutes £90
  • 75 minutes £100